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[55 days to go!] EMEC16 Copenhagen: Meet Meetovation By Rich Luna!

[55 days to go!] EMEC16 Copenhagen: Meet Meetovation By Rich Luna!

When the EMEC16 begins next February in Copenhagen, the Danes won’t be able to guarantee there won’t be snow on the ground and bit of winter in the air. But they will guarantee one thing: EMEC will be like no other conference you’ve attended.

As Copenhagen is the home of famed author Hans Christian Andersen, be prepared to “write your own story” in interactive sessions.
Discover the secret of Danish happiness and work-life balance and immerse yourself in hygge, one of the most commonly used words in Denmark, which has no English translation.
Be prepared to be on your feet, actively engaged in an exercise to discover where and how you generate new ideas.

Those will be just a few of the concepts at EMEC driven by Meetovation, the “mind-blowing Danish meeting design concept” that will be incorporated into this year’s EMEC. With a special focus on education, inspiration and connections, those behind the innovative meeting approach are hoping the movement gains new believers.

“The industry needs to implement all the great thoughts about how to activate delegates and make them participants,” says Karin Krogh, president of the MPI Denmark Chapter and a member of the EMEC 2016 host committee. “There is so much power and knowledge available and it is such a shame not to exploit it. MPI is very courageous to take on the Meetovation meeting design for EMEC, and I really hope it is a point of no return.”

Meetovation was developed 10 years ago in Denmark—EMEC general session facilitators Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger are co-developers and have been longtime thought leaders in the approach—and is an approach to meeting design that incorporates the concepts of active involvement, creative setup, responsible thinking and local inspiration, all geared to drive a stronger return on investment for the attendee. It breaks away from the conventional ways of conducting meetings and events. It’s about less one-way communication and more engagement, active participation and involvement and greater insight into the local area, along with a strong commitment to sustainability.


“This is not just a unique Danish thing, but something that raises the level of meeting design,” Krogh says. “It’s a game changer, not a static thing. We force our speakers to work the Meetovation way. They have to engage their audiences. They can’t just lecture. We want to address different learning styles where participants are engaged, not just sitting there.”
About 70 percent of EMEC speakers in Copenhagen have never been featured on the EMEC stage previously, and all will embrace principles of Meetovation.


“What is unique for 2016 is the format and platform that is going to be leveraged by implementing Meetovation concepts into our program,” says Pierre Fernandez, Senior Director of European Operations at MPI. “We’re really excited about the Meetovation concept. We’ll continue to address the key topics that we know our attendees in Europe are looking for, so there will be specific sessions addressing meeting design, technology, food and beverage trends and all those key areas. But in every session we’ve committed to delivering in a Meetovation format will be delivered in a very unique way.” 

By Rich Luna - Editor in Chief, The Meeting Professional - MPI

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