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[80 days to go!] Write your own story in Copenhagen at EMEC16!

[80 days to go!] Write your own story in Copenhagen at EMEC16!

Do you have clear professional objectives? Are you interested in discovering new tools that could improve your effectiveness?

 At EMEC16 you will learn how to share your own story, discover the Meetovation principles and you will be guaranteed a return on investment.

What is Meetovation?

Meetovation is a Danish meeting design concept that breaks with the old-fashioned and conventional ways of conducting meetings and events to make them more efficient and responsible. Meetovation focuses on five main elements:

Active involvement
Write your own story, clarify and overcome obstacles that stand in your way! Experience MINDblowing engagement and innovative networking!
Active involvement means primarily moving away from one-way communication and towards group work, walks and talks, time for reflection. The result will be a higher level of learning and comprehension with increasing long-term benefits.
Do you want an idea of what to expect? Watch here

Responsible thinking 
Brain food and physical activity is a must in meetings. The same goes for recycling. Responsible thinking not only sends a positive message, it also helps stimulate the energy of your meeting. 
Meetovation has developed a guide to green and responsible meetings.
You can use the guide to test your next venue and find out if it is green, greener or greenest!

Creative setup 
Use the physical set-up in new ways, work with inspiring interior and invigorate your senses with playful light and aromas. The physical set-up should generate energy, concentration and creativity! Colours, scents and music in meetings can be used consciously to create a specific atmosphere.
At EMEC16 you can discover the typical Danish ”hygge” magical and intimate atmosphere!
Here you can find a short introduction to the creative setup element of Meetovation

Local inspiration
Let the local environment play a part, and give your meeting participants a unique experience they will remember on a professional and a personal level. Visit local attractions and let the local cuisine be a part of your meeting. 
If you like food, you’ll love Denmark: not only does it have one of the world’s best restaurant, Noma, but it’s also Scandinavia’s gourmet capital with 15 Michelin-starred restaurants! Do you want to grow wiser on the local inspiration element of Meetovation?

Return on investment
Meetovation ensures that you benefit from the time and money invested in your meeting, conference or seminar.
ROI on meetings helps you to define the objectives and purpose of your meeting and suggests suitable methods of evaluation in both the short and long term. This concept is based on The ROI Methodologya well proven step-by-step process for planning meetings and events and measuring results against objectives. 


Not to forget, at EMEC16 you can get relevant education sessions divided in 4 areas of focus: 
             –      Sales / suppliers
             –      Meeting planning & Project Management 
             –      Leadership & strategic planning 
             –      Meeting & Event design

EMEC 16 in Copenhagen will be the point of no return transforming the way meetings and conferences are held! 
Begin to write the next chapter of your professional story!

See the full education programme 

 For more information about EMEC 2016 click here:                   

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