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Chapter President's Voice: Giovanna Lucherini from MPI Italia Chapter !

Chapter President's Voice: Giovanna Lucherini from MPI Italia Chapter !

Giovanna Lucherini, Director at Convention Bureau Napoli & President MPI Italia Chapter 2015-2016, talks about her professional career in the Meeting & Event industry and MPI Italia Chapter 2016 objectives and events.

Could you give us a brief overview of your background and how did you start your career in the Meeting Industry?

After my graduation, I worked at Walt Disney World in Florida as a Cultural Representative and I realized that the park was open also thanks to my daily job. I loved so much to work for thousands of guests to make them happy that I thought I had to learn more about the “organization” of special events. I therefore started to work for the most important PCO’s in Florence (Italy) as a hostess and later as the Deputy Secretary and Conference Manager for the European Association of General Practitioners. After a break in the Fashion business, I came back to the Meeting Industry and in 2001 I had the chance to buy my own Agency (Studio Guidi / Your Italian Planners, PCO in Florence) becoming CEO. The best decision of my life!

How has your active MPI membership and your role as MPI VP Education and MPI President affected your professional career?

I knew MPI was the only and the best International Association to join as some colleagues were in, so I applied in 2002 and immediately volunteered in some Committees, becoming V.P. Education in 2008, 2014 and 2015. Working in team with colleagues for the creation of the yearly seminars and events was great, as well as the networking opportunities. Today, as President, I still work with the same enthusiasm and love: I have improved my skills, enlarged my personal and professional community and above all, successfully got a new position as the Director of the Convention Bureau Napoli.

MPI Italia Chapter 2015-2016 board at the 2015 convention in Padova.

Tell us about your role as MPI Italia Chapter President. What are the challenges of your mandate? What are the goals that the Italian Chapter would like to achieve?

As the leader of this Association I daily work with my team of colleagues, who are all passionate about MPI as I am. In January 2016, MPI Italia has launched the Multilevel certifications programme which is a 3 levels professional development certificate in Italian: (CME "Certified Meeting Executive”, CMS “Certified Meeting Specialist”, CMT "Certified Meeting Technician”). The first session of the exams will be held at Radisson Blu Hotel in Rome on the 16th of April.
In addition, the 1st of July, we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Association with the support of the new Convention Bureau Napoli: MPI Italia Chapter is proudly the 1st chapter born in Europe in 1991!
The next goal, besides the intense educational calendar and a special annual convention, is to improve the membership: new professionals will also bring new ideas and actions to lead the future of this industry.

Tell us more about your job position as director of the new Napoli Convention Bureau.

This new role as Director of Convention Bureau Napoli is very challenging for my professional career. I am running a real start-up with many local stakeholders of the MICE Industry in a town which has a vibrant energy.

What advice would you give to young professionals beginning their careers in the Meeting and Event Industry? 

I suggest to work in all the fields of the MICE industry, also abroad, compare different markets and standards, to become an updated professional.

Interview with Giovanna Lucherini.



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