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#EMEC17 a preview of Educational sessions

#EMEC17 a preview of Educational sessions

Kristi C. Sanders MPI Director of Professional Development, previews sessions at #EMEC17!

#EMEC17 MPI signature event brings together the planners and suppliers of our industry to explore trends, opportunities and soak up local inspiration to ultimately transform the way you do business.

Here is a snapchat of two Educational sessions #EMEC17:

•Kristi C. Sanders: Event Technology Trends and the Meeting of the Future  

What do Pokémon Go, driverless cars and the Internet of Things have to do with the MICE industry? They’re all technologies disrupting how we do business. Twenty years ago, having a mobile phone was optional, hotels took room reservations via telex machines and the only way to be social online was to join an AOL chat room. Now everyone with a smartphone is walking around with a fully-loaded production studio in their pocket, social-sharing what they experience with people who are only virtually there. What will meetings and events look like 20 years from now? Gaze into the crystal ball with Meeting Professional International’s Director of Professional Development Kristi Casey Sanders, DES to see what future events in your city might look like.

•Kristi C. Sanders: Experiential Marketing Boot Camp: Case Studies, Strategies and Next steps

To quote Tim Sanders: “Meeting and event organizers are the movie producers of the corporate world.” You have the power to change behavior, educate, entertain and emotionally engage your participants. Experiential marketing is the most obvious way Meeting & Event managers can do this, but the best practices are not yet widely known. In this session, you’ll learn why this has become the fastest growing form of marketing in the world, what makes these kind of campaigns effective, analyze the steps you need to consider if you want to plan your own experiential events and explore what that could mean for your upcoming programmes or brand campaigns. During the Experiential marketing boot camp, participants will learn about events doing it right, what success factors are in play and the have time to create their own experiential marketing manifesto to guide how theyr design their next event!

#EMEC17 is designed with four key tracks:

General Sessions. People find inspiration when they make connections between ideas. Each year, EMEC curates the stories of innovators who have managed to flip an issue on its head and achieve positive change. During our General Sessions, these visionaries share their stories, in interactive environments designed to yield collective “a-ha!” moments

EMEC Laboratory. Discover atypical brainstorming environments designed to encourage the collision of ideas and approaches. Together, participants examine case studies, experience new processes and prototype creative solutions to real business problems. Find meet-ups, meeting autopsies, campfires and more, that propel you out of your usual frame of reference.

Workshops. Subject matter experts lead workshops on a variety of industry topics. From supplier-oriented education, trends and innovation, neuroscience and meeting design to Lessons from your peers, you’ll find opportunities to carve new pathways in your brain, your career and your meetings.

Immersive Experiences. Find yourself in the heart of the city for learning and networking opportunities that are outside the convention center—and the box. Embrace local culture and find a sense of place as you participate in unique educational opportunities, learn more about yourself and your peers, experience personal breakthroughs and learn how and why immersive environments can facilitate amazing experiences in #Granada!





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