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FRESH Conference 2015 in Barcelona

FRESH Conference 2015 in Barcelona

Why NH HOTEL GROUP & Hesperia Tower support the FRESH Conference
Since Maarten Vanneste wrote his book Meeting Architecture  , I have always been interested about the projects he was developing to promote the future of meetings and the importance of the content and attendees engagement in meetings.

When Maarten told me that he was thinking of moving the FRESH CONFERENCE from Copenhagen to Southern Europe, I immediately told him I would love to host the conference in our hotel in Barcelona…. I managed to convince our headquarters  Top Management at NH HOTEL GROUP , and  we finally decided to sponsor and host the FRESH CONFERENCE at the Hesperia Tower Hotel & Convention Center.

NH HOTEL GROUP  has just launched  innovative  technology solutions for meetings in their main hotels throughout Europe, offering 3D hologram video conference system as well as video conference through the Smart Room System by Microsoft. High tech made Easy for meetings of all kind.   Supporting the FRESH Conference meets  NH HOTEL GROUP ´s strategy for the meetings & events sector.

At Hesperia Tower Hotel & Convention center, we are  offering  new services based on meeting design , like design and colorful furniture in meetings rooms, creating lounge areas, and in F& B, healthy coffee breaks and zen, including massages, and obviously various option of Brainfood menus. This is why we were keen on supporting also the FRESH Conference , as we believe all the topics discussed and experienced at FRESH Conference are so relevant in the meeting industry.

It’s a great opportunity  for NH HOTEL GROUP  to contribute to the success of  the most recognized conference in Europe  about  the future of meetings.

Franck Barbaras, GM at Hesperia Tower, Barcelona, Spain


The FRESH conference is very picky when it comes to its venue,  but with NH’s Hesperia Tower in Barcelona everything just fell into place: The right meeting space for a good production, modern architecture and design, and the right spirit among the team. These are our KPI’s for a successful Conference. Once we discovered the amazing technology services NH Hotel Group is developing on a global Scale: This is all about designing effective meetings under their slogan High Performance Meetings and High-tech made easy.


At FRESH we always aim at being ahead of the game with a super innovation, no-rules approach. At FRESH we take risks and push the envelope of technology, creativity and group processes. Meeting planners need to feel and experience first-hand so they can judge is anything new is actually going to work at their events.  

With ART and Inspiration there are almost no limits as to what to expect at FRESH. Several key topics are relevant: Music, Audio-Visual art, Performing arts, Story, Text, Visual Art and Staging and all need to be mastered by anyone wo wants to make an impactful event.  And tom make things even more challenging anything we do with ART needs to drive the message or the content, not just entertainment for entertainment’s sake, however important this is.  

The author of a published article on the power of music in meetings will present her findings and the audience will experience and be part of some amazing activities involving clay, performances, paint, instruments, red threads and much more. Lectures, discussions and workshops present a pallet of art forms applicable to meetings and events.

The technology innovations, startups and some first ever experiments with robots for remote participants,  are all eye openers to inspire meeting planners to drive some advancement in Meeting design, back-home.

MPI members get a €-100 discount with this code:  FRESH15-MPImember-€100-PFNL15423

More on www.theFRESHconference.com

Maarten Vanneste, Host at the FRESH conference




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