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How to turn healthcare compliance and regulatory issues into a source of opportunities in the meeting industry?

How to turn healthcare compliance and regulatory issues into a source of opportunities in the meeting industry?

The MPI Belgium Chapter organised an educational for Meeting professionals concerned by the industry's compliance rules.

The workshop started with a creative way of knowing each other thanks to Cyriel Kortleven, international speaker Business Creativity as Moderator, that broke the formal atmosphere with a fun and short networking moment between the participants. In a very small group of 3, you had to find out 3 common interests in 3 minutes time!

It was Pat Durocher, CEO & Founder Global Cynergies who officially opened the Forum with a presentation about meeting industry trends and market realities. She attacked the state of the industry by stating what most of us are experiencing: It’s getting harder and harder, handling compliance and reporting has increased cost and adds a layer of complexity in the already rapidly-changing industry of MICE. In an already competitive sector, tensions between suppliers and planners are a big challenge; and those organizing healthcare meetings need to prove they can manage compliance as well as their events.

It’s clear compliance brings challenges. Pat Durocher suggested some planner strategies, a few to mention: consider hybrid meetings, prepare an objective “comparative cost analysis”, customize the RFP based on the size of the meeting. Even for the suppliers, there are some opportunities, why not use a “pharma menu” where possible, or pre-negociated meal plans & meeting packages.

Contracts need to be redefined and reviewed. Key to good contracts is clear communication between the parties: finding a better balance between supplier and client, creating win-win scenarios, developing long-term relationships and ensuring transparent reporting.

Geert Behets, Director Global Travel & Fleet Management at UCB pharma
 continued addressing synergy between the different players by shedding light on current issues planners face. 

By explaining why clients often feel caught in the "turkey trap", Geert was able to inform suppliers in the room about some of the expectations of the pharma (client) side.

The discussion brought to light the following 3 keywords: Trust – Consistency – Transparency.

When Christine Sainvil from Eucomed/Ethical MedTech and Federico Toja from MPI joined the two speakers for a panel discussion, it clearly showed that there is a real need to better understand "The Healtcare Code".

 The afternoon finished with a brainstorming session - highlights were:

- Transparent and honest communication from both sides is key and is the basis of building the needed long-lasting relationships. Setup clear objectives, creating and defining value is important within companies, as well as between planners/suppliers
- Less politics would be ideal, but one 'distribution/information channel with information for planners and suppliers is crucial. For those unaware, there’s an app who can already help with that: My Compliance Wizard, an initiative by BusyEvent and MPI International.

Webcasts are available for participants and MPI members, thanks to partner Streamdis . Contact mieke(at)mpi-belgium.be for more information. Photos of the event can be seen on MPI Belgium Facebook page.

The HMCC course is designed for those who need a broader understanding of a full range of healthcare regulatory topics. It is a perfect fit for those who are involved in planning and reporting transparency and spend as well as those suppliers who provide services and products to the healthcare industry and the condensed class format of the HMCC makes it easier for busy professionals to fit training into their schedules. 

Next HMCC course in Europe is scheduled at EMEC16 in Copenhagen.

Written by Mieke Barbe, VP Education and Geraldine Huybrechts VP Membership - MPI Belgium Chapter

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