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Meetings Outlook 2015 Spring Edition

Meetings Outlook 2015 Spring Edition

This is shaping up to be the year of intelligent growth for the meeting and event industry.

Thanks to continuing periods of stability and moderate economic improvement, meeting professionals finally have a chance to take a breath and do some big-picture thinking.

Increasingly stable business conditions are enabling meeting professionals to perform more strategically against a reliable backdrop. However, business conditions are increasing at a faster pace in the USA than in Europe and Canada.

Long periods of stable, moderate growth allow organizations the opportunity to become more strategic:

  • To evaluate hiring practices
  • To learn details of new technology
  • To research and evaluate best practices
  • To focus on training
  • To take a little risk, and experiment with new ideas
  • To prepare (and repair) long term goals
  • To look forward with less fear of failure
  • To become smarter about their business and opportunities.

Though budgets are a concern for many respondents, growth IS PROJECTED FOR all regions. When live attendance growth is stronger than budget growth, however, it can feel as if the budget is shrinking, as a result, meeting planners are confronted with the on-going challenge of doing more with less.

Meeting Professionals in Europe seem to rely a bit more on Meeting Design and innovation than Meeting Professionals in North America who tend to rely more on compressing meeting time and leveraging technology

Technology is still top of mind for Meeting Professional. However, Social Media is becoming more and more mainstream. Meeting and event professionals do not reference Social Media with as much trepidation as a year ago, and the idea of adapting to new options and techniques is not as defensive as it once was; it is simply easier.

Mobile Apps are also an area supporting Intelligent Growth. The use of apps is also moving beyond the tactical (e.g.,replacing printed materials) and into attendee behavior. Meeting professionals are starting to look at leveraging this technology more and more to support strategic objectives. “All of this is opening a new era for meetings, as attendee behavior data is going to explode—and it will help in shaping meeting design in multiple areas,” says MPI’s Christian Savelli.

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