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MPI NL Conference - “All Aboard

MPI NL Conference - “All Aboard" !

Discover the 13th Edition of the NL Conference!

This year MPI Netherlands celebrates it’s 20th anniversary and we organize the 13th edition of the very successful MPI NL Conference. On March 30th, a very cool venue, a former depot for trains de Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort is the décor of a one day inspiration event for everyone involved in the meeting & event industry.

This year’s theme is “EvenemenS”, a combination of the Dutch words ‘event’ and ‘human’. This theme is inspired by the fact that, although digitalized, events will never loose the human aspect  and the power of meeting each other, live or online. The entire program is designed with the human aspect in mind.

The plenary sessions will showcase the organization of an emotionally heavily loaded event such as the memorial service for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, the airplane that was downed in Ukraine, where almost 300 civilians lost their lives. Govert Schilling will be on stage to elaborate on the role and place of the human being. Schilling is an acclaimed and prize-winning freelance astronomy writer in the Netherlands. Kaouthar Darmoni (PhD) is Assistant Professor in Gender & Media, department of ‘Media Studies’ at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). She is the founder and director of ‘Kaouthar Feminine Capital & Goddess Belly Dance’ in Amsterdam where she teaches women empowerment and Goddess Belly Dance with passion and dedication.

Only part of the program is plenary and there is the possibility to put together your own program by attending different rounds of work shops. Everybody is different, so customization is the key word.

Over the last few years the NL Conference went through several re-designs, resulting in a strong and innovative brand and an event no one wants to miss for the Dutch Meeting Industry.

A big revolution took place in 2010 (short video in English):

And again in 2014 (short video in Dutch):

Join us to discover this unusual conference and meet the MPI Netherlands members and friends. A promotional campaign for new members joining the MPI community will be available with the code “NLCONF2015” valid until April 15th.

You can also watch the videos of past MPI NL conferences by clicking on the links below:




Discover the full program of the 2015 MPI NL Conference "EVENEMENS"

Article written by the MPI Netherlands Chapter.


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