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MPI: strategic partner and premier education provider @ IMEX America 2015

MPI: strategic partner and premier education provider @ IMEX America 2015

MPI offered and supported a range of concurrent educational sessions, daily general sessions and show floor education for attendees throughout the four days of IMEX America, starting with the flagship Smart Monday powered by MPI.

Smart Monday, powered by MPI

MPI has been involved in IMEX America for fifth years now, bringing high-profile Keynote Speakers who addresses vital issues and shares insights to help attendees increase their personal and professional effectiveness. 

IMEX Group Chairman Ray Bloom reported that Smart Monday, powered by MPI has once again grown and developed. Bloom said: “I’d like to congratulate MPI, our strategic partner and premier education provider, on the tremendous success of Smart Monday, which grows year after year. This day of high level education adds a tremendously valuable extra dimension to people’s overall experience of the show. The daily MPI key note sessions have also featured very interesting speakers and generated a great response.”

Watch Smart Monday Highlights 

MPI Daily General Session Keynotes

Lee Papa How to Live and Lead Mindfully

Lee Papa provided a simple and dynamic approach to mindfulness practices and offered concepts and tools to bring forth a positive shift. By implementing these practices in daily life, the professional experience becomes more creative, productive and enjoyable. 
To learn more about Mindfulness watch Lee Papa full session at IMEX America 2015

Q&A: What is one of the most important things each of us can do to improve our wellness?
Meditation, without a doubt, is at the top on my list. Quieting the chatter in our mind if even for 15 minutes a day will bring significant benefits. Most people see meditation as something to accomplish or achieve. I did when I first started. It does not have to elude you.
Read the full interview by Rich Luna

Tim David Human Connection – A Lost Art in a Noisy World

Tim David presentation uncovered the keys to creating a more human connection at work and in life. He offered useful tips to find a renewed sense of what is really important and suggested how to bring that sense of purpose and meaning into the workplace.
Watch Tim David captivating session about Human Connection here

Q&A: What are the seven words that can influence those around us?
Yes, but, if, because, “their name,” help and thanks. Deceptively simple words, but why they’re magical teaches us an important piece about what makes us tick as humans. And if you work with people, then you want to know how people work.
Read the full interview

Josh Tickell Managing and Marketing to the Future of Generation Y

Josh Tickell revealed how to tailor sustainability policies, communication, HR and customer service to meet the needs of the largest, most digitally connected and educated generation: Generation Y (a.k.a. “the Millennials”).
Watch full educational session about Generation Y by Josh Tickell

Q&A: What does Generation Y want in the workplace?
Flexibility and avenues to allow them to express self-identity. They also want meaning. Jobs that have no greater purpose will illicit all the worst responses from Millennials.
Read the full interview

Patrick Henry Becoming Remember-able

Patrick Henry, former Nashville songwriter, shared stories from his book “The Pancake Principle: Seventeen sticky ways to make your customers FLIP for you“ to show attendees three mindsets to build an extraordinary customer experience.
To know more about emotional connections with your customers you can find Patrick Henry full session here

Q&A: Can you share insight on the importance of making an emotional connection?
People buy for two reasons: desire for gain or fear of loss. Fear and desire are emotions that drive much of our behavior, and even though I don’t brand myself as a “sales” speaker, I believe we are all in sales.
Read the full interview

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