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Read on MPIweb - Could Facebook Damage my Business Opportunities?

Read on MPIweb - Could Facebook Damage my Business Opportunities?

From last Sam Richter article in MPIweb, opportunites and risks are often related. But do you know your risks?

The digital era we are living in is creating new opportunities, but not only. We have found this great article from Sam Ritcher, "Is Facebook Destroying Your Business Opportunities?".

One of the most important thing this article shows up to us, is that, you will probably never know the damages created by a lack of social network reputation. And the conclusion is that you should care!

From the article: "Remember that nothing is private online. Even though you may have set your Facebook and other social media settings to "friends only," over time as you click on links, watch videos and play games, those settings may return to default, which typically means "wide open for anyone to see." In addition, what you post online can be archived and made searchable, forever."


Our conclusion is only based on common sense:

  1. listen to the your "customer voice"
  2. setup watch system to receive daily alert on social media
  3. take care of all problem with humility

Read the original article here


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