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#EMEC17 Keynote Speakers!

#EMEC17 Keynote Speakers!

Full description of EMEC17 general sessions in Granada

#EMEC17 has a fantastic lineup of speakers and subject matter experts to give you fresh ideas, keep you current on trends and create exciting new pathways for your events —and your career.

Opening General session - Surfing the Maverick Economy with Monica Deza

Throughout the history of Humanity the innovation of each era has marked the growth and transformation of societies, cultures and businesses.

We are at a key moment in which we are already witnessing the creation of a new wave of innovation that will have a Tsunami category and will revolutionize the world economy, which will no longer be based on the simple transformation of inputs into outputs, and technology will not see as a functional optimizer of processes and costs. We are at the dawn of redefining the relationship between machines and people and a new dimension of understanding the world through Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing.

Discover the five keys that will allow surfing in the Mavericks economy, the era whose epicenter will be PEOPLE. We are rationally overloaded but emotionally unattended: Simplification and inspiration. Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource”.

Monday General session - How to Remember Anyone and Anything with Boris Nikolai Konrad


In his 15 minute TED type talk, Boris will kick of with a fascinating demonstration of his own memory. Preferably he will meet about 25 people earlier during the conference and will ask these to stand up. He will then name everyone of these names from memory. Going on by explaining why he can do it - which is techniques and training - he leads over to the main part. In this using highly interactive examples the whole audience will join in, He explains the memory techniques enabling his performance and which anyone can use to improve her or his memory remarkably. The first main method to focus on will be for memorizing names and faces.

As the current Guinness World Record holder for memory and connecting to his initial performance, he brings unrivaled experience on this topic and will show everyone how to remember any name they want. All this will be done using lots of story telling, humor and interactive exercises.

Monday General session - Pitch Perfect with David Beckett

Great ideas need a great pitch. Making a great pitch is not about being born with a certain skill: it’s about following a process. In this inspirational talk by Startup Pitch coach David Beckett, you’ll get an introduction to what that process is and how you can get your message shortened and sharpened to great effect.

Closing General session - Extraordinary Experience Design with Claus Raasted & Paul Bulencea

The economy has changed. Products, services and even experiences are becoming commoditized, and only the truly remarkable stand out from the crowd. Crawl inside the mind of Larp Guru Claus Raasted and the memorable experience designer Paul Bulencea as they share their secrets of how to thrive in the Experience Economy.

This keynote is an immersive experience in itself, where you get challenged and get yanked out of your comfort zone and where focus isn’t only on learning-by-listening, but also on learning-by-doing.

Looking forward to see you in Granada! MPI team


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